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What is the role of ultrafine calcium carbonate in the paper industry?

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Ultrafine calcium carbonate is used in many industries, not only to improve the quality of the product, but also to reduce the cost, which has a very obvious advantage in the paper industry.

1. In the paper industry, with the change of sizing technology from acidic sizing to neutral sizing in the papermaking process, it provides a potential market for the application of ultrafine calcium carbonate.

2, ultrafine calcium carbonate used as papermaking filler whiteness is high, can greatly improve the performance of paper, because of the replacement of the more expensive kaolin, so that the paper mill to obtain obvious economic benefits, at the same time because of its small particles, uniform, the paper machine wear small.

3. The filling of the product not only reduces the cost, but also improves the strength, whiteness, opacity and smoothness of the paper, and also gives the paper good bending, softness, and good absorption of ink and water.

So now we all know that cigarette paper, magazine paper, dictionary paper, newsprint, book paper, there are superfine calcium carbonate.