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What is the effect of superfine calcium carbonate on the strength of cement?

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Cement is an important material for building construction. Their performance can directly affect the stability of the later buildings. In order to make them have better performance, superfine calcium carbonate is used in production.

1. ultrafine calcium carbonate as a nanomaterial has the effect and excellent properties of nanomaterials.

Effect of 2. superfine calcium carbonate on compressive strength of cement paste

1, after the incorporation of superfine calcium carbonate, in the presence of gypsum material is to accelerate the role of calcium ions and gypsum, the formation of ettringite, and the early depletion of gypsum, in the ettringite to single sulfur transformation at the same time, carbon calcium aluminate significantly generated, and gradually increased.

2. Our products also play a nuclear role in C3S hydration. When C3S begins to hydrate, a large amount of Ca2 + is released, and Ca2 + has much higher migration ability than [SiO4]4-ion group. According to the adsorption theory, when Ca2 + diffuses to the surface of CaCO3 particles, the physicochemical adsorption of Ca2 + on the surface of CaCO3 particles occurs first due to the same ion effect, resulting in the decrease of Ca2 + ion concentration around C3S particles in hydrate and the acceleration of C3S hydration.

The above changes in these aspects promote the improvement of cement strength performance, the early strength generally increases with the increase of ultrafine calcium carbonate content, and the late strength generally decreases with the increase of the content. By exploring the change law of cement performance in the application of ultra-fine calcium carbonate in cement, micro-nano materials have new application prospects, and can also improve the performance of cement-based materials, save limestone resources, improve the application rate and application efficiency of calcium carbonate.