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Hezhou Xinhuafa Powder Co., Ltd

Hezhou Xinhuafa Powder Co., Ltd. has more than 20 years of experience in the powder industry. It entered the powder industry in 2003 and expanded and established Hezhou Xinhuafa Powder Co., Ltd. in 2010. The company is located in the eastern part of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region (at the junction of Hunan, Guangdong and Guangxi provinces), that is, Pinggui Powder Industrial Zone, Hezhou City, Guangxi, with a total investment of more than 300 million yuan. It is one of the 365 key investment projects in Hezhou City. At present, the company has advanced production equipment and its own mines! Produces high-quality heavy calcium powder, active calcium powder, modified calcium powder, special powder for granite, special powder for quartz stone, putty powder, anti-cracking mortar, tile adhesive, snowflake white sand, art sand, with an annual output of 2 million tons, and products from far away Sold at home and abroad!


Company creation time

2 million tons

Annual output


Its subsidiaries include "Yunfu City Yun'an District Honghui Stone (Colored Sand) Factory" and "Huaiji Yongheng Industrial Co., Ltd."; "Yunfu City Yun'an District Honghui Stone (Colored Sand) Factory" is located in Yunfu City, Guangdong Province Qingfeng Industrial Zone, Liudu, Yun'an District, with a total investment of 40 million yuan, has advanced production equipment and specializes in the production of various specifications of natural colored sand (texture coating stone sand). "Huaiji Yongheng Industrial Co., Ltd." is located in Huaiji, Guangdong Province Jixian, the company mainly produces alumina, which is widely used in: ceramic glaze, glass, paint, polishing and refractory materials, etc.

The products produced by the company can be used in artificial marble, artificial floor tiles, natural rubber, synthetic rubber real stone paint, plastics, composite new calcium plastics, cables, papermaking, toothpaste, cosmetics, glass, medicine, paint, ink, cables, power insulation, It is used as filler in products such as food, textiles, feed, adhesives, sealants, asphalt building materials, linoleum building supplies, fireproof ceilings and daily chemicals. We focus on building the "Xin Huafa Brand", we focus on customer maintenance and insist on quality!

Integrity management, quality first

Our company adheres to the management philosophy of "integrity management, quality first" and wins the support and trust of customers with high-quality products. In the future, we will, as always, cooperate with you wholeheartedly with high-quality products, excellent services and good reputation. !