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How do I choose a filler masterbatch? What affects the quality of the filler masterbatch?

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What affects the quality of filler masterbatch? The factors that determine the quality of filler masterbatch are as follows:

1. Dispersibility: Carbon black is a very difficult and dirty mixture, containing a lot of dust, light and fluffy. Unless treated on a large scale, it will pollute machines and workers and pollute the working environment.

2. Rheology: If the masterbatch itself has good dispersibility, but if it does not flow into the material to be molded, the production effect will not be good. Typically, the primers used for the production of masterbatches have a high rheology. In order to reduce costs, some materials (scrap or recycled materials) are reused as resin carriers in manufacturers.

3. Stability: In today's international economy, international customers need the quality of colored wool and the stability of raw materials. One of the main manifestations of stability is a smooth carbon black ratio. If the percentage of carbon black fluctuates, the required melt is different, and products of the same color cannot be produced.

Color: There are many types of carbon black available for coloring on the market, but the color and price of each is also very different. Compared with small particle carbon black, large particle carbon black has lower chroma and different background color. Black wool is suitable for the production of garbage bags and other films, but it is not suitable for the production of beautiful products, such as TV signs, agricultural films or outer tubes that require UV protection.

5. Compatibility: If the masterbatch is produced from chips or recycled materials, it may contain contaminants or other insoluble polymers. This can lead to unpredictable and difficult constraints, wasting the end consumer's time and raw materials. It is then possible to produce high-quality masterbatches from the base resin, which have good compatibility in the melting process.

6. Scope of application: This factor is particularly important for masterbatches used to scrap or recycle polymers. The role of black here is to mask the waste of different colors. Large particles of carbon black coloring ability is poor, can not easily cover all other colors downstairs, the final product can only get color deviation. In the melting process, in order to cover the existing color, the ability to correctly select the carbon black with high coloring ability is called the covering effect.

The choice of filling masterbatch mainly starts from two aspects.

First consider the quality of the filling masterbatch, which is directly related to the quality of plastic products. From the appearance of the filling masterbatch, only the color, brightness, particle thickness, etc. can be seen. The appearance, but you can't see the internal properties of the filler masterbatch. Therefore, when choosing a masterbatch, be sure to choose a reliable masterbatch produced by a professional manufacturer.

The price of the filler masterbatch is also one of the important factors that users consider. Depending on the concentration of the masterbatch, the dispersion effect is different, and the amount of use is also different. Therefore, the high unit price of the filling masterbatch may be small, but the overall cost is low. Therefore, when considering the price of masterbatch, we must consider it comprehensively, not only the unit price.

Generally speaking, the filler masterbatch can be stored for a long time without worrying about the storage period. Because the pigments and additives in the filler masterbatch are dispersed in the carrier resin, it is in a relatively stable state. The masterbatch containing organic dyes and other components with poor migration resistance will slowly lose some colorants and additives due to migration, so it cannot be stored for a long time. Although some masterbatches have poor appearance quality due to storage errors, their internal quality has almost no change and has no effect on use.