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Calcium carbonate manufacturers introduced calcium carbonate according to the difference of broken particle size is divided into four kinds

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Calcium carbonate manufacturers introduced that calcium carbonate is divided into four different specifications and models in industry according to the difference of crushing particle size: leaving the team, double-flying, three-flying and four-flying, each of which is used in various industrial departments.

Leaves the team powder: used to produce anhydrous sodium sulfate (CaCl₂), is the production of sodium dichromate manufacturing auxiliary raw materials.

Double-fly powder: It is used as white filler for raw materials such as anhydrous sodium sulfate and glass, plastic and paint, and its architectural decoration materials.

Sanfei powder: as a filler for plastics, building paint putty powder, building paint, man-made board and paint.

Sifei powder: as a filler for wire insulation, rubber products compression molding products and its leachate polypropylene cloth filler.

Ordinary silane coupling agent, grinding aid, thickening agent is difficult to improve the application of heavy calcium powder and the scope of application. The said specialization is based on the market demand of calcium carbonate index value of the system development and design, can be directly with a certain type of high raw materials to cause each other encapsulation and mutual affinity, for different high raw materials of some of the role and production requirements. At the same time, the commercial use value of high-quality calcium carbonate is improved.

In our country, large-quality calcium carbonate mines are widely spread, but many calcium carbonate manufacturers only carry out crushing and grinding, and the price cannot be sold. The waste of resources is very large, the production volume is low, and the scope of application is very narrow.

However, after the application of calcium carbonate grinding aid for reprocessing, the circulation of the powder increases sharply, the oil absorption value decreases, the viscosity decreases, and the mechanical processing and manufacturing performance improves, so that the surface of the powder particles forms affinity and compatibility with high raw materials, and the application industry also expands correspondingly, which can better meet the all-round needs of the sales market and improve economic benefits. For low ore grade, production process manufacturing process relativity is relatively backward enterprises.

The research and development of calcium carbonate manufacturers has improved the specialization of high-quality calcium carbonate, barite powder, light calcium powder, high-age soil and other powders, which can achieve the actual effects of reducing oil absorption value, anti-reunion, anti-static and improving production volume, and can also be customized according to standards.

Product characteristics: artificial marble special type calcium carbonate is based on ordinary calcium carbonate ultrafine powder as raw material, add unique ester surfactant, according to the surface active system to solve the surface of the product. It has the advantages of low oil absorption value and long-term dispersion and anti-settling performance in polyurethane resin liquid.

Application industry: used in the field of artificial stone.

Main function: in the production process of artificial gangshi, because the oil absorption value of artificial gangshi special filling material is very low, compared with ordinary calcium carbonate powder, its plus proportion has a very large increase, which can reduce the use of polyurethane resin and save the product cost.