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In 2024, Liang Jinbiao attended the two sessions of Hezhou City and paid attention to the development of people's livelihood.

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Recently, Hezhou City held the second high-profile "Representatives and Committees Channel" centralized interview event. This event not only attracted widespread attention from people from all walks of life in the city, but also invited many important guests to participate, including Mr. Liang Jinbiao, Chairman of Xinhuafa Powder Co., Ltd. The event aims to enhance the understanding and understanding of Hezhou City's political, economic and social society from all walks of life, strengthen communication among representatives and committee members, and inject new vitality and impetus into the development of the city.

In this event, the passage of representatives and committee members became one of the focuses of attention from all parties. This channel is not only a platform for representative members to express their opinions and suggestions, but also a favorable window to publicize and promote the development of all walks of life. The guests who participated in this event conducted wonderful interviews and interactive exchanges in this channel. Among them, the attendance of Chairman Liang Jinbiao brought a strong business atmosphere and innovative thinking to the entire event.

Mr. Liang Jinbiao is the helmsman of Xinhuafa Powder Co., Ltd. and has been committed to the company's development and innovation for many years. As a visionary entrepreneur, he has been deeply involved in the materials field for many years. With his keen market insight and excellent leadership skills, he has led the company to achieve considerable development. Invited to participate in Hezhou City's "Representative Committee Channel" centralized interview event, Mr. Liang Jinbiao brought his unique insights into the current economic situation and his ardent expectations for the future development of Hezhou City.

During the event, Chairman Liang Jinbiao’s speech attracted attention. He first talked about the challenges and opportunities for enterprise development under the current economic situation. He believes that under the current economic situation, companies need to continue to innovate and adapt to changes in market demand, increase investment in science and technology and product research and development, and improve their core competitiveness. At the same time, he also emphasized the role of enterprises in assuming social responsibility, saying that enterprises should actively participate in public welfare undertakings and social construction and contribute to local economic development.

In addition, Chairman Liang also talked about the development prospects and future plans of Hezhou City. He said that Hezhou City has unique natural resources and a good industrial foundation, with huge potential for future development. As an entrepreneur, he hopes to strengthen cooperation with Hezhou City and jointly promote the development of the local economy. He also suggested that Hezhou City should focus on innovation and talent introduction in the development process to provide a good environment and conditions for enterprise investment and development.

At the event, Chairman Liang Jinbiao’s speech won warm applause and high praise from the attendees. Participants all said that Chairman Liang's speech not only demonstrated the entrepreneur's responsibility and foresight, but also provided valuable suggestions and ideas for the development of Hezhou City. At the same time, the centralized interview activity of the "Representatives and Committee Members Channel" was also a complete success, injecting new vitality and impetus into the political, economic and social development of Hezhou City.

In short, the second "Representatives and Committees Channel" centralized interview event in Hezhou City was a successful event. Through this event, the participating representatives had an in-depth exchange of opinions and views, providing valuable suggestions and ideas for the development of Hezhou City. The attendance and participation of Chairman Liang Jinbiao added a strong business atmosphere and innovative thinking to the entire event. Chairman Liang Jinbiao is engaged in the powder industry. In recent years, the stone calcium carbonate industry has become a traditional pillar industry in Hezhou. It is hoped to increase support for existing "leading enterprises" and drive high-quality development of the entire industry chain with "leading enterprises" as the mainstay; increase efforts to support enterprises, introduce new production equipment to improve product quality, and introduce talents to improve product innovation; increase efforts Great efforts will be made to introduce food-grade and pharmaceutical-grade calcium carbonate companies to Hezhou to further build high-quality industrial clusters. I believe that with the joint efforts of all parties, Hezhou City will usher in a better future.